Monday, July 8, 2013

Tuesday Around The World

Caroline ~ England
"We've been on holiday :D"

"Audley End House ~ a beautiful English stately home."

Singwa ~ Hong Kong
"Absolutely heavenly macarons!"

Becky ~ Philadelphia
"Almond rolls."

Jade ~ Thailand
"Ginger pecan cinnamon rolls - breakfast in bed for my hubby on his birthday."

Susanna ~ Finland
"Sweet blueberries."

"Lazy days - coffee and Pinterest."

Tina ~ Sweden
"summer sky!"

"Flowers from hubby - made my day bright and sunny!"

Wanda ~ Canada

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  1. I have so missed visiting and seeing such gorgeous pictures. It sure helped cure the rotten mood I was in. :)

  2. Beautiful Pictures... love seeing...around the world!!

  3. Awesome submissions ladies! Thank you for hosting!