Sunday, June 2, 2013

Monday Morning Madness :: Welcome to Susanna, our newest member from Finland.

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Becky, Philadelphia

  Mon - Jun 3, 2013 photo Goofy-faces-1_zps3ba7f2ee.jpg

Singwa, Hong Kong

  Mon June 3rd photo p1677783220-5_zpsce2e3486.jpg

Caroline, England

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Jade, Thailand

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Lola, Utah

  Fri. April 12. 2013 photo LD_0172_zps8027afa7.jpg

Maddy, New Jersey

  Tue, April 23rd 2013 photo DSC_3629_zpsbc9e779d.jpg

May, Germany

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Rocio, Mexico

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Salma, Canada

  Fri. Feb 22, 2013 photo ChefJoelBorden043wm_zps1d5c88cd.jpg

Wanda, Canada

  Mon June 3,2013 photo forsale_zps422e151e.jpg

Sonya, the Netherlands

  Mon - June 3, 2013 photo 130603_cg1_zps7ff9019d.jpg

Tina, Sweden

  Mon - June 3, 2013 - Summer in Finland photo Mon-June32013-SummerinFinland_zps0320fb2d.jpg

Susanna, Finland


  1. Welcome to Communal Global Susana! We're excited to have you join us!

    1. Thank you very much - this is so much fun. :-)

  2. Welcome Susanna ~ good to have you here!! :D