Saturday, May 18, 2013

Road Signs...

You might be thinking 'Road Signs' is a rather odd topic 
~ and possibly rather boring,

The Tale of Two Cities...  Chester is such a beautiful city!

...Crewe, on the other hand, not so much :(
(Caroline ~ England)

...but you would be mistaken!

A very faded and worn sign that shows that walkers and bikers are welcome - but not mopeds.
(Tina ~ Sweden)

Road SIGNS are  interesting,

 (Jade ~ Thailand)


(Becky ~ Philedelphia)

and tell us SO much about a place!

A sign for the "The Tube" in London.
(Maddy ~ visiting England)

We are wanting to taste this global community, that we are ALL part of:

(Singwa ~ Hong-Kong)

Road Signs are a great way to get a flavour!

(may we apologise for the late running of this post!)

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  1. So cool to see all these signs from all over the world.

    PS. I have one Finnish sign in my blog today. :D