Friday, March 1, 2013

Blue and Yellow !! etc.

BECKY - Philadelphia
 photo mysel30_zps4ee692a7.jpg

SINGWA - Hong Kong
My son's reversible blue / gold Chinese jacket.

CAROLINE - England
Fri 29th Feb photo page_zps7651ceb4.jpg
11 Already!! My girls are growing up so fast :(

JADE - Thailand
Blue/Yellow photo _TMK2669_zps6bbbf9d5.jpg Blue/Yellow photo _TMK2671_zps128ee3b5.jpg

LOLA - Utah
Today {FEB 21} photo P1780074_zps25b25e70.jpg

Friday. February 29. 2013 photo FL_0282_zpsfb4bf005-1.jpg

SONYA - The Netherlands
Fri March 1,2013 Blue/Yellow photo blueandyellow_zpsb8cd280d.jpg

WANDA - Montreal
Fri March 1, 2013 - "Ummm....YUM!" photo PhShoHelensflowershop130wm_zps8cd9c6ea.jpg

Happy week-end to everyone!

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  1. OOOPs ~ forgot about the blue/yellow thing! TP's shirt is mostly blue - if I'd left the pics in colour!

    LOVE the Chinese coat Singwa!

    Love the flowers, chocolates and balloons too ~ a lovely sense of fun in all of today's shots :D