Sunday, November 20, 2011

Today 11.21.11

Becky, Philadelphia

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong
My favorite footwear these days...

Caroline, England
Baby has discovered sucking the flannel (amongst other things, including the dot painters from earlier in the week). I can't believe he'll be a year in just under 6 weeks!

May, Germany
German timbered buildings on sale. One of them will one day be mine.

Rikako, Japan
The school activity! At bazaar of the elementary school, I and other parents sold food and drink to students. Other parents prepared the games. The kids were delighted, and the parents were all tired.

Salma, Canada
Communal Global,Salma
Amira looking for art inspiration at Value Village

Sonya, The Netherlands
It's never to cold out to enjoy ice cream!

Tinajo, Sweden
If this is not the real Santa I´ll eat my hat - couldn´t get more real than this!

Wanda, Canada
Fri. Nov 18, 2011
My beautiful baby girl is 4 years old today!!

Maddy, New Jersey/NYC
The first of many times my husband will hopefully mow this lawn!

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