Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hello Monday 8.8.2011

Glad to see that everyone is SQUEEZING every delicious ounce they can get out of summer! Thanks for dropping by, friends.

Maddy, New Jersey/NYC

Becky, Philadelphia

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong

Lola, Utah

Sonya, The Netherlands

Caroline, England {UK}
8th August

Wanda, Montreal
Aug 8 2011


  1. I LOVE these Summer pictures : ) LOVE them!
    Guess what? Shoshi, who is pictured above, is actually coming back from Bangladesh this week. We are so excited to see him : )

  2. Becky that is so exciting!
    I LOVE that shot of him, and after I put it up, I thought

    "I hope this doesn't make Becky miss him and feel sad!"

    His beautiful, sweet face always makes me smile...and I figured it was a safe bet that it would make you smile too - even if you missed him. But it's wonderful that you will be seeing him so soon! :)

    {Take lots of pics :)}

  3. Yeah ~ to seeing Soshi again Becky :-)!!

    All the beach pictures make me a little jealous ~ just not sure we're going to get there this year :( ~ but they are beautiful, all of them!

  4. Beautiful shots of summer! I'm so excited that Shoshi is coming for a visit!! Have a wonderful Monday Ladies!

  5. Hi :) delicious finding! I'm from Portugal and would love to join this adventure. I've featured you on my FB page: :) if there is still room for one more, you can contact me through the email on my profile. xo

  6. hi there! Great to meet you, just joined the globe trotting, will link to your blog via mine, thanks so much :)