Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ordinary Miracles...and such.

{press play... and enjoy!}

It's not that unusual
When everything is beautiful
It's just another
Ordinary miracle today

Sonya, The Netherlands

The sky knows when it's time to snow
Don't need to teach a seed to grow
It's just another
Ordinary miracle today

Tressa, Norway
my little american norwegian princess

Life is like a gift, they say
Wrapped up for you everyday
Open up, and find a way
To give some of your own

Wanda, Montreal

Isn't it remarkable?
Like every time a raindrop falls
It's just another
Ordinary miracle today

Lola, Utah
Today, I am missing summer... {and my "big" seven-year-old's baby teeth.}

The birds in winter have their fling
And always make it home by spring
It's just another
Ordinary miracle today

Maddy, New Jersey, NYC

When you wake up everyday
Please don't throw your dreams away
Hold them close to your heart
'Cause we are all a part

Becky, Philadelphia

Of the ordinary miracle

Rikako, Japan
2.11 TODAY

Ordinary miracle

Rocio, Border of Mexico
We don't get snow.. We get ICE!!

Do you want to see a miracle?

Salma, Canada

It seems so exceptional
That things work out after all
It's just another
Ordinary miracle today

Sarah, Georgia
2.10 Today
Getting crafty for Valentine's Day...

The sun comes out and shines so bright
And disappears again at night

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong

It's just another
Ordinary miracle today

Caroline, England {UK}
Blanket 10/2

It's just another
Ordinary miracle today...

{Sarah McLachlan}


  1. Lovely images...and I love love LOVE Sarah McLachlan!!

  2. Lovely words following beautiful pictures! Happy Thursday !

  3. Love this post. Love the pictures. Let's pop the youtube video in this post : ) Who is on duty?

  4. Oh my goodness - it's like the creative juices are flowing these days. Must be something in the air.

    Caroline - I think my heart stopped at the preciousness.

    BMama - my fav. Gorgeous food shot.

    Sarah - Such fun getting crafty with the kiddos, eh?

    Salma - I think I know that building.

    Rocio - what a gorgeous image. Can't believe you even get ice.

    Rikako - What a cool capture. Sweet boy with his lifesized heros.

    Becky - love the composition and you gave me a longing for summer.

    Maddy - stunning. I love everything about this shot. Frame that one - it's gorgeous.

    Lola - oh, that's so interesting. Such a fleeting moment.

    Tressa - beautiful princess. Oooh, those eyes!

    Sonya - oh my goodness - that's almost 3D. It's so vivid - I just love it.

    Loved this journey today girls!

  5. I love Sarah I'm humming.

    Wanda, really...they're turning it into a condo.

    Lovely pics ladies.

  6. Becks: That would be me.
    {and your wish so my command ;) }


  7. Loved the video (:
    Awesome images
    awwww love the sweet baby