Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1.12.2010 Today

Becky, Philadelphia
1.12.11 Will it fall? Will it fall?
1.12.11 Will it fall? Will it fall?

Sarah, Georgia
We got snow! And lots of it!! My crew headed up the street to sled with friends :)

Sonya, Netherlands
It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.
~Bern Williams~

Salma, Canada
OMG...he has huge feet.

Maddy, New Jersey
Not sure if this is the best photo I've taken EVER, but it's certainly one of my favorites! This was taken at the Lady Gaga concert over the summer.

Wanda, Montreal
1.12.2011 - My favorite photo
Not for any other reason but I love the feel of it. My Dahlia, my muse - in a pensive mood.

Caroline, England {UK}
WHY? do they choose the coldest time of year to give us a day without power while they replace the electricty cables ~ power OFF at 8.30am (pre hot drinks, showers, etc...), meaning no heating for the day either as our oil pump is electricity powered! Power ON 3.30pm! Boiling milk on top of the log burner for coffee was a novelty anyway!! At least we had that to keep the lounge warm.

Lola, Utah
Today, Bubbuh finally decided that he is as big a fan of Tentens as the rest of us!

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong
jan 12
Weird alien warship landed in Macau!

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