Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2.23.10 "ROUTINE"

2.23 routine

2.23 Routine
Jumping before breakfast.

2.23  Routine
Checking the mail...

2.23 "Routine"

2.23 “Routine”
Bali is predominantly Hindu so the locals make offerings to the gods. You see these baskets, called 'canang sari', everywhere - at temples (as seen above), in front of shops, homes, etc. The offerings are made three times a day and make up part of the Balinese daily routine. (Bali, Indonesia)

Reading a good book together before bed.

2.23 Routine
When we go to hotels we ALWAYS jump on the bed. Oh. Yes. We. Do! It is a fun little routine that we adore!

It is my daily routine to cross this bridge by bike and enjoy the veiw.

2.23 "Routine"
The bedtime routine with the kids always includes the reading of at least one book...Sunday evenings are extra special, since Grandma Mommo reads the bedtime story from Canada (via Skype)...

Going on a long walk with the dogs in the afternoon is our routine. And it is a little relaxing from the mental exhaustion I experience from rushing through life.

2.23 Routine
Three times a day I put him to bed (2 naps and bedtime) and three times a day I get to go in his room when he wakes up and see what kind of crazy bed head he has :) He is my youngest of three and my only thumb-sucker. I love him to pieces!


  1. I'm so loving all of the pictures.

    They all bring a smile to my face.

  2. Tezzie - How wonderful that Grandma can read the bedtime story all the way from Canada!

    Kate - Beautiful capture... what fun!

    Rebeckah - That picture brings a smile to my face.

    Suki - I can see how the nature walk with the dogs can be relaxing. :)

    Sarah - A baby with bed head, sucking his thumb - what could be more precious?!

    Lola - That's one of the sweetest parts of our day, too... reading before bedtime.

    Cornelia - My husband used to play the violin, too. Both our kids prefer the piano, though (for now).

    Katie - I remember seeing these when I was in Bali! :)

    Rikako - When I saw Meiji, I immediately thought of chocolates!

    Emily - I'm not much into coffee, but it is a nice way to start the day. :)

  3. All the pictures from today and yesterday are so wonderful! Loving them!

  4. Rebeckah -- what a fun routine! They look like they are having a blast. I *thought* I heard someone jumping on the bed outside your hotel room in Dallas :)

    Tezzie -- is Skype not so cool? My husband is in Vegas right now and my daughter got to "chat" with him before bedtime.

    Katie -- love your picture. Gorgeous. I am learning so much!

    Emily -- That looks so "Italian" :)

    Kate -- Santa brought my kids a trampoline for Christmas and they are loving it! Great for energetic kids. Rebeckah! Why not get a trampoline for those boys??

    Cornelia -- I wanted to play the violin as a child, but never learned. I did learn the piano though. You should upload a recording of your playing so we can hear you!

    Lola -- what a sweet picture! He looks very cozy :)

    Rikako -- What a view!

    Suki -- your dogs are so loved!

  5. I love the routines we have : ).
    Grandma reading a book over the computer... that is the coolest! : )
    That coffee drink looks scrumptious!

  6. What an interesting project ladies. Thanks for suggesting I came over to have a look Emily.

  7. This is probably one of my favorite days and subjects to date! This made me smile from ear to ear - no joke. Every picture made me catch breath. Too fun!

  8. Great pictures, feels like I'm there.

    Sarah~ my ten year old is still a thumb-sucker. Your little one is gorgeous.

  9. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

    Emily - mmmm...cuppachino...that's so Italian! (stereotypically, at least ;D)

    Kate - My kids are hooked on their trampoline, too...they're just bummed that they can't use it until summer comes :P Great morning exercise! (and yay...sunflare!)

    Buckeroomama - Awesome shot!...love the lines! And, HOW does one actually find their own mailbox?! ;D

    Cornelia - What a beautiful violin! Love how you've included the pics in your photo...the eye is drawn to that fab shot of the umbrellas.

    Katie - An absolutely stunning photograph! I love this so much...the colour, and natural texture, especially. And such a lovely routine :D

    Lola - My mom always read to me and my brother when we were little...now I read to my 2 kids! A wonderful way to end the day, share a moment together, and great way for the kids to improve their language skills and hopfully develop an interest in reading as well!

    Rebeckah - That looks like sooo much fun! (one has to wonder if you actually ever revisit the same hotel ;D)

    Rikako - That's a great view! I'll bet it's really lovely in the summertime, with a cool breeze coming off the water :D

    Suki - Your dogs are really gorgeous..."Ghost eyed", for sure. ;D Awesome they can enjoy time off leash so they get a chance to really run off some energy!

    Sarah - He is sooo cute! And looove little kid bedhead (not so much my own bedhead, however ;D)

  10. Kate: My kids would love that trampoline! I'm so jealous that you have one...your mornings must be bliss!

    Buckeroomama: I've never seen a mailroom that shiny! I love it!

    Cornelia: What a gorgeous instrument. I wish I could hear you play! Have you posted any audio clips?

    Katie: Another fascinating tradition. You're making me so curious about Indonesia! I love all the color!

    Lola: This picture is tender and sweet and touching and, well, just lovely.

    Rebeckah: Your kids look so happy! Such big smiles and look at those braids fly!

    Rikako: What a peaceful way to get to work!

    Tezzie: That is a GREAT idea! I might have to steal that one...of course, I'll have to figure out how to use Skype. Can you believe my mom got it all set up at her house and three years later I still haven't done the same? But the bedtime story bit is too tempting, I'm going to figure it out!

    Suki: Beautiful dogs! And it looks like a pretty day. What a nice place to walk!

    Sarah: I know this routine well! Your son looks like he's (maybe) about the same age as my youngest daughter. She's a thumb sucker too and there's just no sweeter sight in the world.

  11. Thank you, Emily, for sending me over here to see these wonderful glimpses of life around the world. The pictures are heartwarming.

    And yes, you need to set up your Skype so I can read bedtime stories to the girls. Although, with the time difference, I may have to get up earlier to do it :)

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