Friday, July 12, 2013 Friday!

JADE - Thailand 
JULY 12 photo IMG_0145_zps79b2db7e.jpg

CAROLINE - England
We spent the day at a Tudor Re-enactment @Kentwell Hall. It was brilliant!
Fri July 12th photo p1699927206-5_zpsa80ea69f.jpg

SUSANNA - Finland
Fri - July 12, 2013 photo Fri-July122013_zps7c2fe808.jpg

SINGWA - Hong Kong
After the rain...
FRI - Jul 12, 2013 photo 2013-07-07175022_zpscb234fdb.png

TINA - Sweden
Mon - June 3, 2013 photo 130603_cg1_zps7ff9019d.jpg

BECKY - Philadelphia
 photo goddaughter_zps677fd5e9.jpg

WANDA - Montreal
Sometimes....if we're very quiet....we can spot little fairies,skipping through the woods.
Fri July 12,2013 photo DSC_8013_zps43989273.jpg

Happy Week-end!


  1. WoW ~ so 'earthy' today ~ all browns and greens! Funny how we do that sometimes :D Lovely shots everyone. Have a great weekend!

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