Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Friday!

TINA - Sweden
Just what we need when the weather is HOT
  Fri - July 19, 2013 photo 130714_6_cg_zpsd0f49615.jpg

SUSANNA - Finland
DIY - cute boxes made from paper plates and washi tape
Fri - July 19, 2013 photo Thu-July182013_zps19219303.jpg

JADE - Thailand
Early morning on the river, in Chiang Rai
JULY 19 photo photo6_zpsaa5ae7d9.jpg

CAROLINE - England
20 of the 23 children we took to the zoo! All such good friends :D
Fri July 19th photo p1769713895-5_zpsd398f8d0.jpg

BECKY - Philadelphia
 photo scrunchyface_zps36707359.jpg

WANDA - Montreal
Yet another faerie sighting at the Nature Park!
Fri July 19,2013 photo DSC_8058lightwmfb_zps28646db1.jpg

Stay COOL everyone!