Tuesday, October 18, 2011

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. ~William Shakespeare

Becky {Philadelphia}

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My sister is so pretty.

Buckeroomama {Hong Kong}

10.19 10.3

My kid is so cute.

Caroline {England}

Mon 17th Oct 19th Oct.
I can't get enough of my babies.

Katie, {Canada}

2011.10.19 2011.10.20

Grandma came. This is universal, right? Everyone loves Grammy!

 Lola {Utah}

Monday Oct 17 Friday! 8.26

My baby boy keeps me busy. And smiling. Always smiling : )

Maddy {New Jersey/NYC}

1/10/11 11/30/10

Family is everything.

May {Germany}

19.10.11 02.09.11

The village is a fun place to be. 

 Rikako {Japan}

  10.19 10.20

The kids make every day exciting. 

 Sarah {Atlanta, Georgia}

10.17 10.18

My kids are my heart. 

 Salma {Canada}

Communal Global,Salma Photobucket

My baby loves books. 

 Sonya {Netherlands}

  18.10 19.10

Moo cows look the same in whatever country you are in. 

 Tina Jo {Sweden}

  10.17 10.19

Chillin' on the sofa.


  1. Love this post today....all so true and beautiful pictures to follow! Have a wonderful day ladies!

  2. Thank you for the comment on my PINK picture:)

    Love your pictures in here!