Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daily visits! Daily thankfulness!

Dear Visitors,
or can we call you friends?
Yes, definitely friends!

Thank you for coming to this blog to peek into our days.
Thank you for visiting Israel and Canada and the Netherlands and NYC.
Thank you for visiting Germany and Utah and Hong Kong and Georgia.

We are so blessed to have you.
Each day we try to share a snippet.
Sometimes we fail at daily posting.
Do you know why?
Because we are human.
We make mistakes.
We get busy and overwhelmed and stressed out.
We are girls with cameras and families and love.
We are wishing you the happiest of Easter Holidays.
May you have a blessed day.
With love,

April 20
April 21
Jen from Germany

Buckeroomama from Hong Kong
19th April
20th April
Caroline from England
6.16 Today
6.14 Today
Emily from Japan
Becky from Philadelphia
16 March
23 March
Jenn from the Phillipines
Katie from Indonesia
11.30 I am grateful for
Kat from Australia
April 21April 22
Lola from Utah
Maddy from NYC/New Jersey
May from Germany
0420 TODAY
Rikako from Japan
Rocio from Mexico
1.19. 2011
Salma from Canada
7.27 Today
10.12 Today
Sarah from Atlanta
Sonya from the Netherlands
American in Norway
Tressa from Norway
Wanda in Canada
P.S. If you ever want to know more about the pictures you see, click on the contributor's name up at the top and then 
GO AND VISIT them : )
You can also leave questions in the comments and the contributor will be sure to get back with you.
Thanks again for coming.
We are so grateful to have you.


  1. It is an absolute joy to visit here and see the beautiful pictures. Thank you so much to each girl that takes the time to upload and be a part of this. You are amazing! You make this place spectacular!

    Thank you also to our sweet visitors! What a joy to have you here!

    Happy Easter!

  2. It was so good to see Jenn from the Phillipines and Rocio again this week! It is awesome to get to know everyone from their daily pictures. Thank you so much for taking the time to post : ) LOVE these pictures today. So much fun!

    I also love that we are able to visit one another via the links up at the top of this blog. It has been so fun to get to know one another!

    Happy Easter Beautiful girls! Love, Becky

  3. Such beautiful places to visit from all over the world! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, ladies.

    Hoping to have my name and bio up there on your blog links soon. =)

    Have a wonderful Easter, everyone!

  4. A photographic feast for the detailed, so colorful. I love stopping by here!

  5. I love scrolling up and down this post ~ so much detail & WOW factor, so much colour and culture. I love taking this daily trip around our globe. It's inspiring and eye-opening and takes me out of my own small world. Thank-you everyone who takes part and who comes and visits us every day to peruse and to comment. We are humans ~ and humans make the world go round!! :-)

  6. Hello! I am visiting from Studio JRU today. Love the concept for your blog and the photos are amazing! So glad to have found you.

  7. Oh Lola!!! This post is amazing!!! So vibrant, rich and colorful!! We do understand about not being able to post everyday. We are all women with so many roles to play.
    Here's wishing all our contributors and your loved ones a Blessed Easter!!
    Will send you my bio shortly, so that you can link up.

  8. Such beautiful photos from around the world! Thanks for sharing!

  9. These are such beautiful glimpses into your lives.
    Just lovely.
    Happy Easter ladies!

  10. Beautiful photos!

  11. Yes... definitely friends! :) The joy and beauty and love and wonder that is always in these photos from around the world is just amazing. Truly an amazing gift to visit all around the world. Thank you! :)

  12. Gorgeous! Isn't it amazing the little life pictures from all around the world. I loved it!

  13. It is like a mini vacation coming over here and seeing pictures from all over the world...such vivid colors, intriguing sights, people of all sorts and sizes...

    Coming in from Studio JRU!

  14. Stunning! Thank you so much for this beautiful GifT!!I think I am inspired to paint a beautiful scene now!