My name is Jill and I live in the beautiful south west corner of Western Australia.

I am a daughter, sister, wife, and mother to two amazing sons, with a beautiful daughter-in- law, and two equally amazing, but very individual, grandsons.

My husband and I were recently able to take early retirement, and we try to do as much travel as we can, especially around our incredibly diverse state of Western Australia. My passion is photography, and I have written freelance (mostly travel) for a couple of Australian travel magazines since 2002.

Since then we have travelled over much of our state, and I am always planning where we will go next, and looking out for new places to visit.

I particularly love wildflower photography, and bushwalking in spring when the wildflowers are at their most spectacular. I feel blessed to live in Western Australian which has thousands of native wildflower species.

I am a member of South Side Quills writer’s group, the Photography Group of Bunbury, and Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company.

You can visit me at: my blog: www.lifeimagesbyjill.blogspot.com.au


  1. ps - my husband is used to my "stop the car"! on our travels - and has been known to carry my tripod when we are bushwalking - bless him.