Hi! my name is Caro Perisse de Rico, I am from Caracas, Venezuela. I am an architect and an MBA.... but I have never been happier than with my current job... my biggest project ever... staying at home raising my three girls! My oldest girls are in their tween years (12 and 10) and our family baby is two. My girls take up most of my time, but when I make time for myself, I dive into photography and my latest passion which is blogging! I think writing and photographing life helps us see the extraordinary in the ordinary, it helps us see the magic in life!

Time passes so fast, and precious moment that you think are going to last forever engraved in your memory tend to fade away.... you remember the moments, you have pictures to remind you of them, but there are no pictures of what you feel, for how your heart grows so big that you think is going to explode... of how your eyes melt at the smile of your child! This is my reason, I want my girls to have a window into their mom´s heart, and if in the way I touch someones life... I could only be so lucky!

I am happy to join today this group of amazing women, from all over the world, with different cultures but with the same big heart and passion for life and family!

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  1. Happy to see you here - welcome <3

  2. welcome to our family Caro. It is wo wonderful to have you join us here.