Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

SINGWA - Hong Kong

Fri - Feb 14, 2014 photo Red-flower-1_zps4f2f90fa.jpg

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BECKY - Philadelphia, USA

 photo 8M8A7079_zpscf16e736.jpg

CAROLINE - England
Another one of Jake's shots, but I LOVE our home sweet home!
Fri Feb 14th photo untitled-3260_zps53817ccb.jpg

                                                                                                             JADE - Thailand
 FEB 14 photo _1060033_zps0b30225f.jpg

SALMA - Canada

2.21 photo DSCN0089_zps2ccb24bb.jpg

SONYA - The Netherlands

Fri Feb 14,2014 photo basicwhite1_zps84999f6e.jpg

SUSANNA - Finland
Boys world...
Fri - February 14, 2014 photo Fri-February142014_zps50522135.jpg

WANDA - Montreal, Canada 

Fri Feb 14, 2014 photo _DSC7465wmfb_zps846c9529.jpg


  1. Lovely photos, they look warm and cosy, even the outside ones, well except for Salma's, that just looks cold. I love seeing what everyone has taken photos of and how different they all are.